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Many couples are currently busy planning beautiful spring and summer weddings. In less than two months, my younger sister is marrying her best friend in a lovely church ceremony. In addition to weddings, the warm weather months are also popular times in the year for girlfriends and boyfriends to propose to the special people in their lives. If you are planning an upcoming proposal, consider popping the question to your significant other at a unique location such as an art gallery. Imagine your loved one’s surprise and delight when you ask him or her to marry you in an art gallery surrounded by breathtakingly beautiful pieces of art. On this blog, you will discover the reasons an art gallery is the perfect place for a proposal.

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Art Deco Furnishings In A Modern Aesthetic

There is something about Art Deco style that has captivated consumers since its introduction in the 1920's. The rich geometrical patterns, bold colors, decadent details, and sumptuous fabrics that characterize Art Deco interiors can lend an air of elegance and prestige to your living space.

Some people struggle to see how they can marry modern fixtures with Deco furnishings, but attention to detail will help you create an Art Deco inspired home that is both retro and modern.

Embrace the Curves

Many high-end Art Deco furniture items feature sweeping curves that help them stand apart from the linear design of modern furnishings.

A sofa that is shaped like a crescent moon and side chairs with C-shaped backs make the perfect Art Deco addition to any home. You can always upholster the furniture pieces with a bright and bold fabric to help keep them modern.

You should also look for side tables, entry tables, and dining tables whose legs create interesting geometric patterns if you want to infuse your space with Art Deco design.

Reflect Your Style

The Art Deco design period relied heavily on unique finishes to help create drama in a room. You can easily utilize this design characteristic to blend your modern home with some unique Art Deco furnishings.

Mirrored surfaces and metallic finishes were popular in Art Deco homes. End tables with mirrored tops or lacquered coffee tables and buffets can bring some of the reflective style the Deco period is famous for into your living space. These unique finishes will lend a chic elegance to your home that won't compete with the lifestyle of a modern family.

 Concentrate on Color

One of the primary design characteristics that both Art Deco and modern aesthetics share is color. You can embrace Art Deco style by incorporating colorful accessories into your home's design.

Bold color and strong contrast were design staples during the Deco period. You can incorporate decadent and plush fabrics in rich jewel tones into your home to create a Deco feel.

You can also utilize patterns and color palettes that use contrast to create visual eye candy in a room. Black and white was a popular combination in the 1920's, and it remains a popular color combination in modern homes.

Finding ways to blend Art Deco furnishings into your home's design is easier than you might think. Focus on the main tenets of Deco design- detail, unique finish, and color- to create a living space where high-end Art Deco furnishings complement modern pieces.